Gouache on watercolor paper

These were pictogram pieces I did for a Ghostbusters themed art show in Baltimore. As of this posting, you can still see the finished, framed piece at Charmed Life Art Gallery in Baltimore hanging up, despite having sold.

I like painting digitally because if you screw up, no sweat. Just Undo. But I wanted to provide a one-of-a-kind piece for a fan to enjoy, as well as challenge myself by revisiting a medium I haven’t touched in about 7 years. I’m probably not doing it right, but gouache gets a bad rap for being really unruly. I like it because it’s not as all over the place as watercolor, and is similar to acryllic in texture.

As long as I was doing multiple pieces, I wanted to explore a theme. And what better than quotes from the movie? I picked quotes that were both recognizable, translatable to pictogram format, and fit the characters’ personalities.

Venkman was the first one I finished, and as the deadline was fastly approaching, I considered just doing him, Peck, and the Mayor (“These men caused an explosion!” “Is this true?” “Yes, it’s true. This man has no dick.”), but I ended up doing the four guys.

Winston was the toughest to pin down. He’s not in the movie as much as the other three, and his speech about God and the dead rising (in the car with Ray), while my favorite of his, didn’t work without Ray’s “How bout a little music?”

Ray’s pictogram is less of a quote, and more of a representation of his famous dialogue with Gozer. I was worried about this, and yet I couldn’t think of a better quote that wasn’t in response to someone else/something easily represented by a little doodle. His likeness turned out the best, I think.

Egon’s was done very quickly, and I knew what quote I wanted from the get-go. If I had more time, I would have redone his likeness. Venkman too, probably - I drew Murray several times since having finished his portrait and now I can draw a much more accurate caricature. I think there’s a pic somewhere on this blog.

This was a really fun project for flexing both my painting and caricature muscles. It got me back into painting in a significant way and I think I might go ahead and try my hand at watercolor.